I've met thousands of awesome care partners.

That's why I created the Dementia By Day Care Partner Class + Coaching Program.

I already had an intensive course for senior living professionals and staff, but what about the family caregivers? That's where this class and forum comes in.

Are you a caregiver interested in enrolling in this course?

Here's what you get with your one-time, $250 payment (or break it into 3 payments, see below!)

Lifetime access to this course

Log in and work on it when you want to!

Lifetime access to the online forum

Chat with other Dementia By Day caregivers on our special, private online forum.

Ask questions and get answers from Rachael and from people who have been in your shoes.

30-minute introductory call with Rachael

Set up your 30-minute call after you book today!

Are you a senior living organization looking to purchase this for your residents' or clients' families?

What a great gift to give to your families! This $500/month option includes access to the course and the Q&A forum! They'll receive regular access to me and be able to get their dementia questions answered by an expert on a timeline that works for them!




Individual Access, Includes 30-Min Call

Join Dementia By Day's only care partner class and coaching program! Go through the course anytime you want, and then get help from your fellow caregivers and from Rachael anytime, anywhere via the online forum.



Senior Living Option: Group access for care partners

A perfect gift for your residents' or clients' families! This option allows each family member access to the course AND the Q&A forum. Does not include 30-min phone calls with individuals or families.

3 payments of $100/month


Pay as you go!

Pay $100 a month for three months instead of the $250 up-front.

Did you know...

If you set up a time to call Rachael and speak to her one-on-one it's $150 for the hour. This course PLUS lifetime access to the care partner online forum is only $250.