Hi, I’m Rachael Wonderlin

And I think the old way we teach dementia care is outdated! Isn't it time we ACTUALLY had an online platform where your staff could learn on their own time? You know, instead of being shuttled through a 3-hour dementia care DVD or kinda-boring-online "What is dementia" course the first time they walk through your door? 

I have a Master's in Gerontology and am the author of 3(!) books with Johns Hopkins University Press. At my consulting agency, Dementia By Day, I work with senior living companies who want to up their dementia care game. I'd love to help you do exactly that.

Let's change the way we teach dementia care. 

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Praise for Dementia By Day School, Certification Course

"We originally held off enrolling in a dementia training because we couldn’t find anything that the care staff could really utilize during an 8-hour shift with our residents. This training, however, is so applicable and the team is enjoying and learning from it! The other day the care staff asked about our new carpet installation—they’d just watched the interior design portion of the course and were wondering if the carpet provided enough contrast for the residents!"
—Lucy Boxrud, President of Elysian Senior Homes

"We use Dementia By Day School to train our entire team, from Sales & Marketing to direct care staff!"
—Joe Pohlen, CEO of Cardinal Senior Management